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Oklahoma Bankruptcy Law


the Law Still ALlows Bankruptcy in Oklahoma

Yes, bankruptcy relief is still available in Oklahoma. In fact, Oklahoma has one of the country's most favorable laws for bankruptcy. Not only can Oklahomans still discharge medical bills, credit card debt, and other unsecured debts completely through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but they can also retain possession of their home, car, retirement account, personal injury settlement, and other assets through Oklahoma's favorable exemption laws.

Federal Bankruptcy Law

The majority of bankruptcy law is governed under the federal government's United States Code. The various bankruptcy types (chapter 7, chapter 11, chapter 13, et cetera) actually refer to different chapters in the United States Code. The federal bankruptcy code determines who qualifies for bankruptcy through means testing and other requirements, but each state also has its own laws regarding what property is exempt (you can keep) when an individual files for bankruptcy protection.

Oklahoma Bankruptcy Laws

The Oklahoma statutes in Title 31 provide the property that is exempt from collection in Oklahoma. These laws apply to those filing for bankruptcy and Oklahoma's exemption laws are more favorable than most states. That means you can have more property and keep it and still file for bankruptcy protection. For additional information on the property you can keep in Oklahoma, see the Oklahoma Exemptions page. For a free consultation regarding whether you presumptively qualify for bankruptcy and what property you can keep, call the Debt Line Law Office at 1 (888) Debt-Line or 1 (918) 878-0010.

Free Consultation with Bankruptcy Lawyer

Do you want to know whether you qualify for debt relief under the Bankruptcy Act? Would you like to know the costs and procedures of an Oklahoma bankruptcy? Call (918) 878-0010 for a free consultation with a Tulsa bankruptcy lawyer or (888) Debt-Line for an Oklahoma bankruptcy attorney handling bankruptcies statewide. Our bankruptcy attorneys have years of experience in Oklahoma bankruptcy law and in applying Oklahoma bankruptcy exemptions, so that Debt Line Law Office clients can keep their exempt property and still discharge unsecured debts through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Oklahoma. With a ten (10) minute, free phone consultation with one of Debt Line's Tulsa bankruptcy lawyers, you can know what you qualify for and the costs and procedures involved.


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